Wednesday, August 13, 2008

at about

Leoithne goes back to Ireland early in the morning so i went to the 24/7 for some microwaveable popcorn, soda and sweets for our last night together. which will be movie night...
(i know its lame, and the alias isn't a good match either, but we had a hard time lately. especially her.)
as i was coming back from the store a pretty girl came up to me, with flyers of a nearby nudiebar.
gal: - Excuse me, are you interested in some striptease?
D: - no. it's a bit chilly for me tonight and i'm not very good at it really.
gal: -...
after a 14 second pause (i counted) she started laughing. she had a very healthy, pleasant laugh.

it would be a great marketing hit if actual strippers would take the streets and ask guys:
- would you like to see me dancing naked?
personal connections (and a gorgeous body) goes a long way.

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